How do I prepare for a trip to Cuba?

prepare for a trip

If you are one who is going to Cuba for first time, then it is your responsibility to invest considerable amount of time in the planning.

Cuba is considered as one of the most popular tourist destination. Therefore, one should book hotels and tickets in-advance.

There are so many tour companies are out there that is offering packages to the Cuba. If possible then one should make a contact with proficient tour guide who will surely suggest some great places in the Cuba where you can visit with your beloved friends and family.

Before traveling to the Cuba, a person should exchange the dollars to Euros properly. If you are exchanging the money in Cuba, then you will have to pay hefty 10% fee. Here I have recapitulated travelling tips for Cuba where you have glance.

Travelers insurance

If possible then one should purchase the health insurance in-advance. If you are carrying the expensive equipment like camera, mobile then it would be better to purchase the insurance policy.

Find out a perfect insurance company who will able to offer the policy according to your requirements. All you need prepare for a trip to Cuba. Make sure that you are choosing a best insurance policy.

Spanish phrases

If you don’t want to face any complicated problem, then it would be better to learn some Spanish. There are a lot of Spanish translator applications are out there that is offering considerable amount of benefits to the tourists.

Early check-ins

A lot of countries are out there and Cuba is one of them where you will able to get the visa on arrival with ease.

Moving Further, if you are going to the Cuba then one should book the hotels and flights ticket’s in-advance.